Whether you’re trying to shed some pounds before an upcoming vacation or looking to make permanent lifestyle changes, temptation is everywhere in an office environment. I mean everywhere. The vending machines, the group ordering for lunch, the happy hours. How are we supposed to watch what we eat when there’s carby, salty and sugary treats around every corner?

Fear not, ladies. You’re not alone in the struggle. I’ve summed up what it’s like dieting with a 9-5 into 11 gifs that I know you’ll relate to.


1. When it’s the first day of Whole30 and your boss brings donuts


2. Getting eye rolls when you sub fries for a side salad at lunch #SorryNotSorry

3. When someone uses 1 tbsp of your gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO coffee creamer


4. Acting 100% uninterested when someone offers to pick up pizza for the office


5. Making it 20 minutes into your commute before realizing your vegan bulletproof coffee is still on the kitchen counter


6. Having to watch your temper between 2:30-5 because that’s when the afternoon cravings kick in #hangry


7. When your cheat day falls on the same day as your company happy hour


8. Running out of sticky notes because you’ve made sure to let everyone know what’s yours in the fridge


9. Trying to play it cool when you warm up 6 cups of broccoli in the community microwave #stanky


10. Beelining past the office snacks to get to your afternoon pick-me-up, aka almonds #unsalted


And lastly…

11. When your hard work pays off and you’re feeling more confident than ever


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I’m Alexis and I'm fluent in English and memes. When I'm not on the 9-5 grind as an account coordinator I usually think about working out, but end up at the nearest happy hour instead. I graduated with a degree in strategic communications and am always looking for ways to improve as a newly professional #millennial. Once I settle down, my goal is to establish a career that is flexible so I can double as foster mom for my local animal shelter. Until then, I'll be taking weekend trips and going the extra mile for a good Insta.