A full-time job is a full-time rollercoaster. However, no matter how your day is going, it’s always important to maintain a positive attitude. Negativity is contagious, and the last thing you want to be known as is the pessimistic coworker.

For when the going gets tough, here are 7 desk accessories to help keep your spirits high:

Motivating writing utensils to remind you that you’re still a great person (even after you accidentally spelled your boss’ name wrong in an email.)

Complement Pencils (Set of 10) – $10 from ban.do


A new hot guy to daydream about every month for when your diet is taking its toll on your patience. After all, eye candy has zero calories.

2018 Hot Dudes Reading Wall Calendar – $14.99 from Urban Outfitters


A mini zen garden for when you need a liiiittle more motivation to get through the last 30 minutes of the day. (Seriously, this teeny setup is only 6 x 4 inches. How cute is that?)

Mini Zen Garden – $30 from Etsy


A membership to a new exclusive club – The Grown-Ass Women’s Club. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling uninspired and want to be part of something bigger than yourself. It’s like Girl Scouts, but for us hardworking ladies (badges and all!).

The Grown-Ass Women’s Club Journal – $15 from ModCloth


A tiny bowling alley. Why? Because this knick-knack can cheer up everyone in the office with a little (no pun intended) competition.

Desktop Bowling – $35 from UncommonGoods

If bowling isn’t your thing, this game is also available in golf, skee ball and basketball.


If a calendar of hot guys reading isn’t your thing, hundreds of embarrassed pups should do the trick. This daily dog-shaming calendar is sure to provide comic relief when your day is 100 percent work and 0 percent play. As an added bonus, this calendar has tear-away pages so you can rip your frustrations away every day of the week!

2018 Dog Shaming Desk Calendar – $14.99 from Kohl’s


Declare your workspace an anxiety-free zone with this “Good Vibes Only” sign. It’s hard to have a bad day at work if you banish bad juju from your personal space.

“Good Vibes Only” Desk Sign – $14.95 from Etsy


What workplace remedies help you get through a stressful day? Comment below to share your tips for staying positive!

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