Working from home can be a double-edged sword; While being able to work in comfy clothes and not having a morning commute is appealing, it is common for some people to get distracted by personal tasks instead of work related assignments. The working space you create in your home can help keep you on task, assist you in minimizing distractions and spark inspiration.


Here are five tips for creating the perfect work from home space:



One of the most important tips is to make sure the space is customized not only for your needs, but for your personalization. It can be daunting to even begin to think about designing your own space, but having a custom area for your necessities will increase efficiency and productivity. Make sure to keep rotating items such as photos, candles and awards to keep your brain active. Adding some indoor plants can also boost happiness and quality of life, so keep that in mind while customizing.



Creating an area to read, write or drink tea is equally as important as having an area to concentrate on the tasks ahead. Creating an area of comfort helps in adding an ambiance of inspiration, rather than feeling trapped.



Keeping your space uncluttered and being able to find everything you need for your daily responsibilities is key to organization. Having a chosen area for all your documents and supplies is ideal, but make sure it fits into your personalization scheme as well. Having a big shelf helps with clutter and assists in adding more space for your growing documents. It doesn’t hurt to have it as a nice backdrop for video conferences, to maintain an air of professionalism.



Speaking of space and bookshelves, floating shelves help with creating more space in the room overall. If you have limited room to work with, try to think about what items and ways to store supplies would be the most efficient based on the area and size. If you home lacks a  room for an office, you can create your own corner in a your favorite room in the house whether that be the bedroom, living room or even the kitchen. You have a lot choices, so make sure it will be a room that increases efficiency.



Moving your desk close to the windows can give you the happiness benefits of natural light. It also gives you the benefit of having a view to look at and give your poor eyes a break from the computer screen. While natural light is important, having lamps is imperative when those darker hours of work start to set in or for gloomier days. Overhead lighting is usually inadequate, so having lighting closer to your work space assists you in concentrating on your work, while the soft glow of the lamp helps reduce headaches.


What are some ways you have created your perfect work from home space? Comment below!


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Creating the perfect work from home space



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