It’s so much more than going on a shopping spree or getting a manicure.


Self-love means taking the time to listen to your mind and body and taking care of it. It shouldn’t be a luxury or cost a lot of money. It should be simple and something that happens often.


As we get older, we put anything and everything above ourselves. Spouses come into the picture and then pets, maybe kids, too. Sick days are used for taking care of others. Our spare moments swallowed by freelance work, oil changes and picking up more dog food.


When life gets crazy, we often forget about self-love as an important step of our daily routine. When was the last time you had a moment to yourself to ask, “what do you need today?”


Stop and smell the roses, my friends.


It’s time to start taking care of ourselves so we can take better care of others. When you feel your best, you can perform your best. If you are feeling like you can’t keep up with everyone else, take a moment to take care of yourself. You’ll be amazed how everything else falls into place.


Below is a list of easy and affordable ways to show yourself love today and every day.


Alone Time.

First on the list is good ‘ol peace and quiet. Have you ever noticed how we are constantly stimulated at all times? It can be so tiring. There is always a screen on or music playing. At work, people are talking, phones are ringing and keyboards are clicking. Nothing makes me feel more in tune with myself than turning off all the noise and just resting.


Sitting on the porch with a glass of sweet tea and watching the sunset for a few minutes always energizes me before jumping on a list of chores. It reminds me that there is more to life than a to-do list and makes a huge project seem a lot smaller. If you need to move, go for a walk or a run. As long as it’s safe, check out a park nearby or walk through a new part of the neighborhood. Nature is good for the soul.


At night, I try to turn off the TV and set my phone aside for the last hour that I am awake. I either snuggle with my pup or read a book.



What makes you happy? For me, I still love drawing and coloring. It’s silly sometimes but there is something about letting out your inner child and doing something that makes you smile. Keyword, you. Do something for yourself that you truly enjoy. Did you enjoy playing an instrument and now sits in the back of a closet? Do you like to write? Find that hobby that makes you forget about #allthethings and make time to enjoy it a few times a week. Make it a priority. You’ll be so glad you did.


Have you considered using one of your sick days to just stay home and recoup? Taking a mental-health day to relax is a great way to give back to yourself. Plus, who doesn’t love playing hooky on a Monday?



Like I said earlier, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes the best way to slow down and remind yourself of the true joys of life is to be of service to someone else. A visit to the animal shelter, playing basketball with the local Boy’s and Girl’s club or mentoring an intern at work helps put things into perspective. It’s funny because after a “service project” you always question, “who was actually helped here?” When you help someone else, you certainly help yourself. They will teach you just as much, if not more, than you will teach them.



Planning is an easy way to start taking care of yourself. It might seem like a chore but making plans and creating a budget will help your future-self. When you plan ahead, you’ll lessen anxiety and stress for your future self. Talk about loving yourself! Plan out your outfits, meal prep on Sundays and fill in your planner. Creating a budget will remove financial stresses. As long as you stick to it, that is.


Soon, you’ll see how much time you are giving back to yourself by thinking ahead instead of always rushing in the moment. In return, you can spend more time doing the things you love. And with the extra cash, maybe you can treat yourself to a spa day!


For me, self-love has always been one of those “nice-to-have” tasks. Until today.


Join me and add more self-love actions to your daily routine. It doesn’t mean spending money. It means taking the time to listen to our minds and bodies. Do we need quiet? Do we need to plan out the week?


Whatever it may be today, it’s important and we’d love to hear about it. Share how you are showing yourself love in the comments below!


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