Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids distilled from plants used to help support our health and wellness.  


Over the past two years, I have become sort of a fanatic. I first started using essential oils to replace candles and help me sleep better. Who doesn’t like a little lavender in their bubble baths, anyways?


Once, I realized how well they were working in my home, I started carrying oils to work. At first, I only had a bottle of peppermint on my desk. I would add a drop to my temples when a headache was setting in or added a drop to my afternoon tea to help wake me up. And soon, everyone in the office was borrowing my peppermint.


Before long, I was introducing diffuser blends to the workplace.


Of course, all offices are different and some colleagues may not appreciate your essential oils. Always ask permission, especially from the people who sit closest to you.


Before you bring a diffuser to work, make sure you know how long the diffuser is meant to distribute the oils. You don’t want one that is meant for a large living space. Keep it subtle.


I have a travel-size diffuser that I plug in next to my desk. It’s small and only diffuses for a couple of hours. And because I use less drops, it’s not overwhelming. It diffuses for just long enough to fill up my area. I also have a USB diffuser. It plugs into the side of my laptop and diffuses for 30 minutes. It’s perfect.


Essential oils aren’t just for making a room smell nice. Various essential oils are known for their calming, refreshing or energetic properties. All of which can come in handy in the workplace.


When stress is high and everyone needs to take a chill pill, try lavender or Young Living’s Peace & Calming blend. If your boss decides to heat up fish for lunch, again, try lemon and Young Living’s Purification, a blend of citronella, rosemary and lemongrass.


The options are endless. No matter the circumstance, there is blend to handle the situation.


Below is a quick, pinnable list of a few of our favorite diffuser blends for the office. Which one will you try?


Kinsey is a distributor for Young Living essential oils. If you have any questions about essential oils, email us at


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