There is no such thing as a linear path to success.

In fact, as your career moves forward, you can guarantee that for every great success, you will likely have a pitfall or two.

There are many ways to get out of a work funk, but I have always found that a good TED Talk acts as the perfect medicine. There is something about seeing somebody successful and bright, empathizing with me and providing hope that things will get better.

I have compiled my five favorite TED Talks for every issue you may be facing at work:


When you are feeling rejected: What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection

This has always been (and very well may always be) one of my favorite TED Talks ever. Jia Jiang eloquently explores a fear that many of us are all too familiar with: rejection. His story of conquering this common fear with humor and fearlessness is refreshing and inspirational. This is a great talk to watch if you are afraid to take a chance or are facing rejection.


When you are feeling undervalued: Know Your Worth, and Then Ask for It

There is a good chance your company is not compensating you for what you are truly worth – but how do you determine your personal worth and, more importantly, how do you approach your workplace and clients with that estimate? Pricing consultant, Casey Brown, explains how you can determine your own personal value and what steps you can take to communicating your worth with your employer.


When you are feeling overwhelmed: How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

Your 20’s are truly a time full of multitasking. When you aren’t trying to balance your seemingly endless tasks at work, you are juggling a social life, relationships, hobbies and self-improvement, all while trying to squeeze in a few moments of relaxation. If you are feeling a bit burnt out, Laura Vanderkam’s talk, “How to Gain Control of Your Free Time”, will help inspire you to let go and ensure you can make time to do the things you love.


When you are feeling stressed: How to Make Stress Your Friend

Who says stress has to be a bad thing? Psychologist Kelly McGonigal delivers an eye opening talk that urges us to take a look at stress in a different light. She promotes the concept of treating stress as a positive, and shares some new methods you can try to eliminate the hardships stress can cause.


When you are feeling pessimistic: The Happy Secret to Better Work

It is a classic chicken or egg conundrum: do we need to work to be happy or does being happy inspire us to work? Psychologist Shawn Achor’s fast-paced and quick-witted talk argues that productivity may actually be a product of happiness, proving that working in a positive environment does so much more than put a smile on your face.


Do you have a go-to TED Talk that never fails to inspire you on your very worst days? Share your favorites below.

Emily D

Emily D

I’m Emily D., and I work as a digital strategist with a research and analytics love affair. As the self-proclaimed super nerd of FTF, I enjoy playing video games (Pokémon is still my favorite), consuming all things matcha, and binging reality competition shows. I also have a Passion for Fashion™ spending far too much time and money updating my wardrobe and stalking my favorite fashion bloggers on social media. My biggest career goal is to someday create the digital strategy for an award winning, industry acclaimed ad campaign.