First, coffee.

Next, it’s time to get inspired and motivated! Do you have a work from home day at your current company? If yes, I hope you are taking advantage of that perk. It can be a major pick-me up to get you through a long week.

My work from home day is on Friday. I like to have the last day of the work week to be at home because it’s the day I typically don’t have meetings.

Some people don’t like to work from home because it can be distracting and the chores around the house start to call your name. While this may be true, it can also become your most productive work day if you choose to make it that way. I look forward to my work from home Fridays because it inspires me to be super productive without, for the most part, interruptions that normally happen in the office.

Personally, I get inspired after I have organized and created a space where I can relax. If you are giving a work from home day a try, here are a few tips to make the most of it.

Wake up on time

This may seem like an obvious statement, but it can be tempting to sleep in later than usual. The fact that you can roll out of bed five minutes before signing on and not have to get dressed for work will make you hit snooze at least ten times.

Waking up at a decent time before you need to sign on will give you the opportunity to fully wake up, get your coffee and maybe even make breakfast! You’ll thank yourself for allowing your mind to be in the right space before you have to dive into the day-to-day grind.

Set up your work space

Not everyone has a designated office at their home. If you only have access to a desk or a kitchen counter, make it a space that inspires you. Grab your computer, your coffee and your to-do list, and prepare to be in that spot for a very long time.

For me, having a candle or diffuser going on my desk or near my work space helps me relax. So when I’m receiving stressful emails or solving a problem, at least I have relaxing scents nearby. Also, I love natural light or lamps. Lighting that is generally placed in office settings can cause negative effects after being under them for too long. So changing the lighting in your work from home space can greatly improve moods and increase energy levels.

If you’re looking for some desk décor, studies have also proved that plants boost morale and increase productivity.

Schedule your day and organize your to-do list

So, you woke up early and you’ve prepared your work station. The next thing you must do to have a productive work from home day is plan out what you want to accomplish. Not a day goes by where I plan out everything I want to work on, yet somehow my plan gets demolished from client demands and other distractions in the office. When you are working remotely, preferably on your least busy day of the week, you have a better chance of following your plan.

Take your to-do list and make sure everything is updated. Once you have listed all your to-dos, prioritize what should be done on that day and try to stick with those items.

Block your calendar based on your projects

After prioritizing your list of things to do for your work from home day, block chunks of time on your calendar so that you can potentially avoid extra meetings and to have reminders for when it’s time to move on to the next item. For me, if I see I have an hour to work on a project, I will focus for the full time allotted and try to get it done in that timeframe.

Do you have a work from home day? How do you make the most of it to stay productive and inspired? Comment below!


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How to Make the Most of Your Work From Home Day



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